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Your Conflict Resolution and
Repair Kit

Your 20+ resources to stop fighting and start loving!

During Conflict: Imago Dialogue Meaningful Apology Guide Communication Do's Communication Don'ts De-escalataion Tactics Focused Conflict Feelings reference sheet Needs reference sheet Twisted Thinking Toxic communication and how to respond ( not yet created and might not be in time for launch) T.H.I.N.K.

Turn your conflict into Connection!

Hi I'm Christina Morelli 👋 - A Couples Conflict Resolution Coach


As a young adult, I betrayed myself, gaslit myself, and talked myself into staying in relationships that caused me and my partner immense amounts of pain instead of joy. 


This caused me to figure out ways to get out of the cycle of unhealthy patterns and second-guessing myself. To being out of touch with myself and without a roadmap to connections that would ignite a spark in me each day.


That process led to a deep knowing that partnership is something I truly desire. My journey to learn everything I could about relationships, sexual union, generational trauma, communication, and developing intimacy had begun. 


And it led me to you! 

If you have been working through these sheets and want to take the next step of having 1:1 support guiding you towards a healthy and fulfilling relationship, then

book your call HERE.

I would love to support you.

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