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Have a Relationship & Life you LOVE!

Are you ready for the relationship of your dreams? One that is expansive, empowering, and liberating!?


Your relationship CAN be all this…and MORE.

With proven frameworks and learnable skills, you can have a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself and your partner!


If you are ready to start living a life full of love and purpose then you are ready for what I have to offer! Let’s join forces to integrate new ways of showing up for yourself and others (and have fun while doing it).


Take the next step to your most ecstatic and inspiration filled life. 


Let me tell you more. 

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For Couples

"I want to have a PURPOSE filled relationship!"

One that others wish they had and ask you “What’s your secret?”. 


When a couple mindfully grows and evolves together, they end up with an unbreakable bond that feels liberating and expansive! 


What would your life be like if you had this type of relationship?


If you are ready to achieve this level of partnership, let’s talk about how I can help you get there.

My process takes a deep dive into what makes the two of you light up with enthusiasm and say “HELL YES!!”.

By allowing me to understand you can understand each other on levels you’ve never experienced before and have only wished for up to this point.

For Singles

“I want my next relationship to feel empowering!”

If this is you, I am here to tell you,...You don't need to settle for less to settle down. You can have the relationship you've always desired.


You deserve a healthy and rewarding relationship! You deserve to find your forever person and for that partnership  to be everything you've ever wanted and more!


It starts with you getting clear on your core values and nuanced desires. This will increase your confidence in dating and choosing a compatible companion that compliments you and the life you are inspired to achieve. Your ride or die is waiting for you, you just need to show up in a way they can’t miss you.


Together we increase your self-awareness (aka get clarity) and evolve past old ways of doing things so that your next relationship empowers your life. 


"Christina is always finding a way to pull exactly what needs to come out of me to help connect the dots. Our conversations, her insight, and suggestions help guide me on a path to dive deeper to a more enriching and rewarding path. Couldn't recommend her and the value she offers enough to friends and family. The world needs more Christina"

Lexxie K.

“Amazing insight!! I had a tough time as a man finding someone who understands my needs and challenges. Christina understood immediately. She offers expansive knowledge and is one of the most relational intelligent people I've met. She has helped me overcome so many personal blocks and opened me up to love and relationships I didn't think I could have.”

Vinny M.

"I feel so blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Christina. Her intuition, ability to really hear what I am saying, and provide practical guidance specific to what I need has increased the satisfaction in my relationships. She helped me see what was getting in the way to a happy relationship. My ability to communicate with my partner has been so easy with the tools she's provided. We are happier now than ever before after working with her. Would HIGHLY recommend!

Danielle L.

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