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Portrait by the Window

For singles

Do you want to do things differently in your next relationship? 


There is a bright horizon with expansive, liberating possibilities that are yours for the taking. 


I have created one-on-one programs to support you to release what is holding you back and celebrate with you as you become the most elevated version of yourself.

I will meet you where you are and together we will discover the possibilities and gain clarity that will give you the confidence and framework that lights a fire in your life and relationship.

Our time together will include:
  • Strengthening your emotional IQ (or make it fly off the charts!) 

  • Gaining freedom by learning your boundaries and executing them 

  • Exploring how to build vibrant, empowering partnerships

  • On-demand trainings

  • Powerful resources

  • Accountability to help you meet your goals

  • Custom offerings to suit your personal desires

Young Love

The  result?


Developing the self-awareness needed to attract conscious, loving partners and build relationships with purpose. 

Expand your relationship to one of bliss!
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