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Have a Relationship & Life you LOVE!

Self-Awareness = Rewarding Relationships

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The Struggle is REAL!
So are the Transformations!

The Struggle in Partnership

  1. Feel like you and your partner can't communicate? Like you aren't being heard

  2. Wish for more closeness and intimacy with your partner?

  3. Yearn for more quality time with your partner?

  4. Feel like you are fighting more often than not?

  5. Wishing you could get the feeling back you had at the beginning of your relationship?

  6. Wanting to have better sex or more sex?

  7. Don't feel like you can fully be seen and accepted for who you truly are?

  8. Feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated in your relationship

  9. At a loss and don't know how to get the relationship back on track?

  10. Do you feel like you lost who you are in your relationship?

  11. Trying to decide if you should continue with the relationship or call it quits?

The Transformation Available to You with Coaching!

  1. Have fulfilling orgasmic connected sex

  2. Create an unbreakable bond

  3. Become a team again supporting each other

  4. Feel appreciated and valued in your relationship

  5. Feel empowered and cherished

  6. Full trust in your partner

  7. Have unwavering presence

  8. Create safety and freedom

  9. Grow stronger through conflict

  10. Experience more joy and less fighting

  11. Feel desired again and desire for your partner

  12. Create a relationship that feels like home

  13. Enjoy more adventure and fun

  14. Reclaim who you are and fuel it

  15. Feel playful and have fun!

  16. Genuinely be the couple that inspires others around you through living and leading by example

The Struggle Experienced Single/Dating

  1. Can't seem to keep a relationship?

  2. Struggling to make a genuine connection with someone who shares similar values and wants in a relationship?

  3. Do you feel like your partner picker is broken?

  4. No success with online dating?

  5. Don't know how to meet people in person?

  6. Can't get past the 1st date?

  7. Do you feel hopeless like you aren't ever going to find someone?

  8. Struggling to get over an ex and move on?

  9. Trust issues?

  10. Keep choosing the wrong person?

  11. Do you often say "there are no good men/women out there"

  12. Feeling frustrated or hopeless in your dating

  13. Confused on if you should commit or not?

  14. Don't know if the person you are dating is "the right person"

The Transformation Available to You with Coaching!

  1. Increase your self awareness bringing you closer to living a life of integrity and inspiration

  2. Feel confident in knowing what you want

  3. Feel excited about the opportunities and possibilities that await you

  4. Date with more intention

  5. Feel empowered that you have the support, knowing, and skills you need to have a successful relationship when the time comes

  6. Increase your chances of finding the right person

  7. Regain trust in yourself and others and start connecting again

  8. Understand and feel secure in your decision on whether you should commit or not

  9. Clear trauma that may be impacting your relationships

  10. Increase your relational, emotional, and sexual skills so when partnership opportunity presents itself you are ready!


With my unique experience and insight, I help individuals and couples navigate

Dating advice . Conflict resolution . Deepening emotional and physical intimacy Vulnerability Functional communication skills . Establishing Conscious Partnership . Conscious Uncoupling Boundary setting Relationship goals Staying connected during life transitions Becoming the power couple Leading by example Identify areas of growth and opportunity Integrating connection practices in everyday activities



"Christina is always finding a way to pull exactly what needs to come out of me to help connect the dots. Our conversations, her insight, and suggestions help guide me on a path to dive deeper to a more enriching and rewarding path. Couldn't recommend her and the value she offers enough to friends and family. The world needs more Christina"

Lexxie K.

“Amazing insight!! I had a tough time as a man finding someone who understands my needs and challenges. Christina understood immediately. She offers expansive knowledge and is one of the most relational intelligent people I've met. She has helped me overcome so many personal blocks and opened me up to love and relationships I didn't think I could have.”

Vinny M.

"I feel so blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Christina. Her intuition, ability to really hear what I am saying, and provide practical guidance specific to what I need has increased the satisfaction in my relationships. She helped me see what was getting in the way to a happy relationship. My ability to communicate with my partner has been so easy with the tools she's provided. We are happier now than ever before after working with her. Would HIGHLY recommend!

Danielle L.

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