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Hi! I'm Christina Morelli!

I have a feeling if you found your way here, you are seeking to:

  • Increase fulfillment in your existing relationship.

  • Have greater success in finding long lasting partnership.

  • Design your ideal life full of deep meaningful connections.

  • Receive guidance on how to grow as an individual and/or in your relationship.  

 Whatever you are seeking, I am so glad you are here and I can't wait to meet you!

About Me: I am a certified life coach specializing in relational and emotional intelligence. My passion is working with people in partnership and individuals wanting partnership. I have been practicing, embodying, and in service to others through this work for 7+ years.​​ I have an insatiable curiosity on human psychology and  how we interact with each other in successful healthy supportive healing ways. I am a life long study of emotional intelligence, relationships, communication skills, intimacy, vulnerability, and sexuality.

Trained and Certified areas of study:

Effective Communication - Conflict Resolution - Tantra - Emotional and Physical Intimacy - Trauma - Attachment styles - Hormones in Relationship Stages - Somatic Practices - DBT - Feminine and Masculine Energy - BDSM/Kink/Power Exchange Conscious Partnership - Building/Maintaining/RepairingTrust - Repair Ruptures in Relationships



How to have relationships is not something we are formally taught and our approach is often based on what we are told by societal and cultural standards, media, and what we directly and indirectly witness through our life experiences.


My mission is to:

1. Educate and make available proven strategies, approaches, and tools on how to actually have successful interpersonal relationships.

2. Provide personalized, fun, and practical tools based on the reality of relationships while integrating the science of human and social psychology.

3, Cultivate greater joy, deepen emotional and physical intimacy, and encourage growth individually and together towards relationship goals.



Relationships should be liberating, empowering, expansive!

Relationships don't need to be hard. They can be fun, energizing, fulfilling, passionate, and most importantly healing spaces where we can be our most authentic selves. True love encourages the fullest expression of self.


My Method

Nurturing self-awareness to create an unbreakable foundation in yourself and your relationship.

In order to be real in our relationship we need to be real with ourselves. I provide honest insights to unconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviors helping transform those into encouraging and productive action all while fostering a healthy, supportive, and loving relationship with yourself, partner/s, friends, family, and co-workers.

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