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Are you and your partner unable to resolve conflict peacefully?

Resolve your conflict - Stop fighting - Repair your connection!!

Get access to the only Conflict Resolution Repair Kit you'll ever need and finally stop fighting and START LOVING!

🌟Get all 20+ Resources For Only $36


Turn your conflict into Connection!

Hi I'm Christina Morelli 👋 - A Couples Conflict Resolution Coach

If you found your way here, chances are you are tired of fighting, have tried everything, and don't know what else to do.


I get it... I've been there... too many times before.


The struggle of conflict and constant bickering in my previous relationships wore me down to a point that I had nothing left to give. I felt hopeless with no idea what else to do to fix things.


Unfortunately, I didn't have the right tools to help us navigate these issues and those relationships ended.

I understand now that it wasn't mine or my partner's fault. As much as I wanted to blame them...👈


No one ever taught us how to constructively "fight" or how to develop the effective communication skills that can resolve issues respectfully, peacefully, and lovingly. 


They didn't teach us the stages of fighting, or how to repair those relationship injuries.

Instead our issues were

​😟  never resolved

 🧹 swept under the rug

 🚫 avoided

💥  escalated to the extreme

I often felt like 💔

  • My partner wasn't hearing me or seeing me 

  • We were never on the same page 

  • I was met with empty apologies

  • They weren't taking accountability or listening

  • I had to walk on eggshells to keep the peace

  • I was alone in this

  • NOTHING was ever going to change 


Eventually, we would get to the point of giving up with NO resolution, which felt frustrating, sad, and hopeless.


It ended up causing resentment, more issues, tension, and arguments later.

When we couldn't work it out on our own, we looked to couples counseling and that didn't work either! I finally got fed up. 🤦‍♀️


I REFUSED to accept that this is how relationships are and decided I would figure it out.


I knew the answers were out there... a better way... a loving supportive approach. 

The silver lining to those failed relationships...

I discovered how to communicate with my partner in a way that prevented unnecessary conflict and EASILY resolved disagreements, all while strengthening our connection and growing closer together.🥳

☝️But first, I had to recognize all the ways I was doing it wrong.

I fought so hard to keep things together!

1. I tried saying things differently

I tried wording things differently - saying them in a different tone - changing my body language - asking others how best to approach my partner to get them to hear me.

That was the issue. I didn't feel like my partner was hearing me and that's what I wanted more than anything!

2. We tried couples therapy and it didn't work

Therapy was a bunch of talking with little to no actionable steps to take towards our joint goal. They were venting sessions with a 3rd party, which, yes did help us feel safe expressing ourselves but nothing got better. 


In fact it sometimes got worse because we were saying things we've been avoiding  with no way to resolve them. We understood the issues but weren't provided any guidance on how to fix them.😣

3. I even tried not having needs or wants

At a certain point we both stopped asking for what we wanted and needed because it would cause issues. We would get defensive. We weren't willing to meet each others needs because we weren't getting our own fulfilled.


I told myself it wasn't worth it. I told myself that this need didn't matter and tried to let it go. It ended up building resentment and contempt which eroded the relationship slowly from the inside out. 

This was my life until I figured it all out and now am in a JOYFUL relationship!

From relationship failure to
Happily Ever After!

After all of the pain, hurt, disappointment, failed relationships, and failed therapy sessions;

I finally took things into my own hands.

I studied psychology and relationship dynamics, I learned everything I could about how to effectively communicate, de-escalate conflict, repair relationships.


I learned what people need to feel ❤️:

  • Valued

  • Validated

  • Heard

  • Seen

  • Accepted


Understanding interpersonal relationships was my calling, my mission, my purpose.

I figured out how to turn any conflict into an opportunity for connection and closeness.

I was finally ready for my dream relationship and found my forever partner

When I met my partner Ian, I knew what I've been working so hard for was finally here. Years later... We are stronger and more loving every day. We have a relationship that is full of confidence, security, intimacy, and passion. ❤️‍🔥


I finally figured out the framework to having a healthy, successful, rewarding, secure relationship.


We are living proof!

The best part! It's EASY to understand and EASY to implement actionable steps that progresses your relationship.


Enough talking in circles getting no where, It's time to take action.

It didn't just work for my relationship... it also worked for countless other couples who have been struggling and have been able to turn their relationships around with immediate results. 

I have helped over hundreds of couples turn their conflict into connection

What if !?!

You could talk about ANYTHING with your partner and it wouldn't turn into a fight

You feel like you can freely talk about anything with your partner and KNOW you both will work together as allies towards a mutual goal. You leave a potentially tense conversation feeling closer and more connected than ever. 🥰


How would that improve your relationship?... What about your life?...

You consistently feel heard, seen, understood and validated

You and your partner know exactly the frame work and structure on how to have an effective conversation where you  feel safe, loved, accepted, valued, heard, seen, and understood. 

You and your partner live harmoniously and know your relationship is a peaceful safe place you can call home

You have a relationship where you:

😍 are excited to see each other every day

💬 effortlessly communicate and trust your partner to hold space for you

😊 feel at peace being in your partners presence

🙏 grateful you get to wake up next to this person each morning

A relationship that turns conflict into being more powerful together!

Conflict Resolution & Repair Kit


Turn your Conflict into CONNECTION!

Lovingly discuss anything with your partner and feel trust, security, and connection.

Conflict Repair & Resolution Kit Cover Page (1).png

Conflict Resolution and Repair kit is everything you need to guide you through the 3 stages of conflict peacefully.

Get your  
20+ digital/printable conflict resolution and repair resources.📜

Providing easy to understand and easy to implement practices that take you step by step through every stage of conflict.

The time leading up to the discussion when you can't stop thinking about it but for some reason haven't brought it up. 

These resources will help you get the confidence and clarity so when you do bring it up you know EXACTLY what you want to say and will be safe saying it.

Pre Conflict:


During Conflict:

When you are in the thick of it and want to be heard, seen, and understood.

These resources will provide you the tools you need to navigate how to communicate with each other in a peaceful, loving, and supportive way.


Post Conflict

 After the conflict is over and you want to re-ignite your connection in a way that deepens your bond.

These resources will give you exactly what you need to re-establish that connection, increase intimacy, and feeling more joyous and secure in your relationship.


In this kit you will get...

  • Emotional Regulation Journey Sheet

  • How to Confidently Initiate Difficult Conversations

  • Making a CLEAR Request Journey Sheet

  • What do I really want Journey Sheet

  • Conflict Style Assessment

  • Communication Style Assessment

  • Conflict Protocols and Rules of Engagement Journey Sheet

  • Imago Dialogue Guide (How to communicate in a way that you are heard, seen, and understood)

  • Meaningful Apology Framework

  • Communication Do's

  • Communication Dont's

  • De-escalation Procedures

  • Focused Conflict - A goal of greater understanding

  • Feelings Reference Sheet

  • Needs Reference Sheet

  • Twisted Thinking- Thinking patterns that harm communication

  • Post Conflict Conversation & Check In Journey Sheet

  • Post Conflict Reconnection Practices

  • Relationship Repair Plan Guide

  • What are Relationship Injuries Guide

  • Modern Love Languages Reference Sheet

This is for you if:

  • You consistently feel unheard, misunderstood, unseen when trying to open up to your partner about challenging feelings and thoughts.

  • Couples who fight more than they want to and are seeking to have more peaceful conversations with REAL resolution.

  • Couples who understand that communication is the issue, you feel like you've tried every, and still don't know how to fix it.

  • Couples who where BOTH willing to participate in these exercises

Do Not Continue If:

🚫 You and your partner are not willing to both give an honest attempt at using these proven strategies

🚫 You think it is ONLY your partner that is the issue

🚫 You are not willing to change how you communicate

My Guarantee!

If you follow these steps exactly how is described and you aren't seeing results. I will personally facilitate a free 1 hr couples session with you to figure out where there are potential breakdowns in communication and provide guidance on how to improve those areas.


If that 1 free session doesn't provide any resolution or clarity, I will happily refund you 100% of your money on the call together.

Conflict Resolution & Repair Kit



20+ resources to stop fighting and start loving

*one time fee. You will not get charged again.

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